Total Conquest for PC Download on Windows Guide

Good news, good news, good news, all you gamers who were wondering to have Total Conquest on PC, your wait is over, now you can have it by following few simple steps. This game is a strategic game with lots of gamers worldwide. You have to protect your kingdom as your role in the game is a Roman Governor who is building his own army to protect his Roman empire from invaders.

This tragic circumstances is been involved because the Roman emperor Ceaser is dead and now you are the savior of this empire. To combat them you will need a powerful and well equipped army and to get this you can join Legion who is almighty and power packed.  Being a leader your job is to bang on with all heart and for this you need a team work so train and skill your army. There are 10 different army men which have to be trained accordingly to make them skilled.

Total Conquest

Features of the game are-

  1. Awesome visual and sounds effects.
  2. Customize your own city according to you.
  3. 10 different individuals need to be trained, so prepare them according to you to make them skilled.
  4. This is a multiplayer game but you can play it solo as well.
  5. Challenge players and earn rewards.
  6. Update in social media and invites them to play this game.
  7. Make alliances with your friends to defeat evil army.

The game starts with guide and useful tips which includes organizing tips, troops making tips and internal storage checkups. Then you come across the kingdom tap on the selected area and you enter the zone. Regular attacks are done by armies you have to protect your kingdom from them for this you will have weapons, gears and even poisonous gas. You get money, fruits, power drinks etc while playing the game. These rewards make you stronger and equipped.

Total Conquest for PC Download

Download Total Conquest for PC available on Mac & Windows 7/8

Downloading of android games was not so easy before. You cannot download them directly on your PC but with android emulator you can.

Here I introduce to you the very famous BlueStacks android emulator which will help you to download many apps, games etc on your PC with ease. To Download Total Conquest for PC available on Mac & Windows 7/8you will need to follow steps mentioned below-

  1. Download BlueStacks emulator from its official website that too by checking its compatibility. To get right emulator type particular search in the search bar :BlueStacks for “Windows 7 or Mac” as required and download the file.
  2. Run the exe. File on our PC. This process may take few minutes as BlueStacks downloads necessary files.
  3. Once installed you need to add your Google account to it. Go to >main page>search bar.
  4. Type “Total Conquest” in the search bar. Click on the install button and download it.

Your game is ready to be played. I hope everything is clear to you now. Peace.

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