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This article is all about how to use InstaSize Online on PC. Read the guide to get more details.

Whether you admit it or not, Instagram social platform uses a unique size of pictures which are being shared. And, to make every picture fit in that social platform you need another app. InstaSize is one of my favorite and here is your guide to learn how to download InstaSize for PC. The app is available for free and you need not to worry about anything.

Also, installing it on Android device is possible. But, here I am letting you know how to install it and use on computer or laptop. Because, at PC, we have a lot of pictures which we may consider sharing on social platform we love, i.e. Instagram. But, we are not sure how to resize every picture.

So, here comes the InstaSize in the scene which is going to help you a lot by resizing every picture you will through towards it with the frame size of Instagram. This is the role of this photo editing tool but this isn’t the only thing it can do. We will talk about it later.

Our first job is to somehow figure out how to install and use this Android app on Windows or Mac system. The process of installation is same for Windows and Mac, and since you are aware of individual process (i.e. how to install a software on Windows/Mac) so you will not face any issues.


You need to check few things in system before proceeding. It needs to have at least 4GB RAM or higher, 4-5GB of free storage in C Drive or higher and HD standard of graphics/video card driver and that too of latest version. In any other case, there are chances of you facing issues during the process.

InstaSize Online for PC Download:

The instructions you need to go through are here. Make sure you don’t skip any and go step by step.

  1. Download BlueStacks software first on your system. It is available for both Windows and Mac platform over here and you don’t have to pay for it. Yes, it is free!
  2. Double click on the installer file of BlueStacks app player and begin its installation process. Go through on screen instructions and in no time, it will be ready to play.
  3. Start the software and right at the very first screen, you will see a search tool. Click on the same and use that to find InstaSize application. Once the app is found, click on the same in search results.
  4. You will be asked to setup few synchronization services and for that you need to sue a Google account for login. After the login is done you are ready to proceed.
  5. The app will open in Google play store and finally you need to click on install option. Wait for a while and it will be ready to use.

InstaSize for PC

About InstaSize Online App

The first purpose of this app has been already described above i.e. resizing pictures and making them comfortable for the Instagram. Also, because of its simple and elegant UI, it is easy to use.

You can also edit pictures using filters and special effects. Together, they can help you getting promising end results of which you will surely praise the app for. Peace.

I hope that you enjoyed this post on InstaSize Online and please visit this site again.

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