Total Conquest for PC Download on Windows Guide

Good news, good news, good news, all you gamers who were wondering to have Total Conquest on PC, your wait is over, now you can have it by following few simple steps. This game is a strategic game with lots of gamers worldwide. You have to protect your kingdom as your role in the game is a Roman Governor who is building his own army to protect his Roman empire from invaders.

This tragic circumstances is been involved because the Roman emperor Ceaser is dead and now you are the savior of this empire. To combat them you will need a powerful and well equipped army and to get this you can join Legion who is almighty and power packed.  Being a leader your job is to bang on with all heart and for this you need a team work so train and skill your army. There are 10 different army men which have to be trained accordingly to make them skilled.

Total Conquest

Features of the game are-

  1. Awesome visual and sounds effects.
  2. Customize your own city according to you.
  3. 10 different individuals need to be trained, so prepare them according to you to make them skilled.
  4. This is a multiplayer game but you can play it solo as well.
  5. Challenge players and earn rewards.
  6. Update in social media and invites them to play this game.
  7. Make alliances with your friends to defeat evil army.

The game starts with guide and useful tips which includes organizing tips, troops making tips and internal storage checkups. Then you come across the kingdom tap on the selected area and you enter the zone. Regular attacks are done by armies you have to protect your kingdom from them for this you will have weapons, gears and even poisonous gas. You get money, fruits, power drinks etc while playing the game. These rewards make you stronger and equipped.

Total Conquest for PC Download

Download Total Conquest for PC available on Mac & Windows 7/8

Downloading of android games was not so easy before. You cannot download them directly on your PC but with android emulator you can.

Here I introduce to you the very famous BlueStacks android emulator which will help you to download many apps, games etc on your PC with ease. To Download Total Conquest for PC available on Mac & Windows 7/8you will need to follow steps mentioned below-

  1. Download BlueStacks emulator from its official website that too by checking its compatibility. To get right emulator type particular search in the search bar :BlueStacks for “Windows 7 or Mac” as required and download the file.
  2. Run the exe. File on our PC. This process may take few minutes as BlueStacks downloads necessary files.
  3. Once installed you need to add your Google account to it. Go to >main page>search bar.
  4. Type “Total Conquest” in the search bar. Click on the install button and download it.

Your game is ready to be played. I hope everything is clear to you now. Peace.

Download & Install SHAREit App For PC

SHAREit is a file sharing app that is very useful and fast. It’s additionally the most used information sharing app. According to me – SHAREit is the best app in its class. I’m damn confident that till today you’ve only used SHAREit app on your own Smartphone, nevertheless if you want to use SHAREit on your PC, then please read this entire guide carefully.

We must follow a workaround to run SHAREit in your PC as it’s an android app and there’s no official PC/Laptop version of the app ever build till now (More on this later). Start reading the full post below and comprehend how you how to download it on your PC Windows computer and can use SHAREit.


Install and download SHAREit app in PC Windows Notebook

Let ’s jump into the primary subject. So you want to download SHAREit to your PC. I understand… But there’s no official SHAREit app ever developed for the computer (like the EXE installer file).

But don’t stress there is a workaround which will help you install the same SHAREit app that you use on an android smartphone on your computer. But, it’s a bit tricky (Hey it’s not rocket science so don’t stress). Check below I have written step by step what you have to do to download and install SHAREit on your own computer notebook.

First, you’ve got to download BlueStacks or YouWave on your own computer. You can download bluestacks from here. (These are android emulator applications which will allow you to to run Android games on your own computer.)

After you successfully download bluestacks, only install it on your own PC after which bound to the following step. Read: Grammarly Review 2016 – Pro’s of using and Con’s Grammarly!.

Now open BlueStacks. You will see the bluestacks window, which will be visually just like tablet or your Android smartphone.

Now whatever you have to do is Download SHAREit APK and open the SHAREit APK with BlueStacks, which will do the job. And you will have the ability to run SHAREit in your Computer.

Nevertheless, you can also Go to Google Play shop from bluestacks and download and install SHAREit on your PC just like how you install any app or game on your Android device.

My Judgment

SHAREit is the best file sharing app for sharing any kind files like music, photos, games and programs from one device to another using the local Wi Fi network. Now you can download SHAREit for your Notebook PC, although previously you could have only used SHAREit on your Smartphone’s and tablet computers.

They’re downloading and becoming amazed. I ‘m certain you will additionally be amazed by seeing how quickly you are able to share files from one computer to another using SHAREit for PC Windows Computer. It’s possible for you to download SHAREit for PC, but first of all please before you start downloading the app read the complete article.

I believe you will end up able to run SHAREit on your PC. Just in case you want any help regarding downloading and installing bluestacks in your PC Windows Computer, just drop a comment below, any of our team members will answer your question as soon as possible.

How to Download Whatsapp For PC

Recently there’s been a tremendous drop in using blackberry devices but we still love Whatsapp, although Whatsapp was damn popular some years… past when we all used to adore blackberry devices.

Whatsapp was recently launched for android devices and now it’s officially on play store. Anyway, if you want to download the Whatsapp for the Windows PC Notebook then my buddy you happen to be looking at the correct place, you can find all the information about Whatsapp Download for Computer Below.


Install and download Whatsapp app in PC Notebook

It’s good to see that you are excited to download Whatsapp for PC. But, as a twist of religion, there is no official app for the computer yet. (Don’t worry, you can still use Whatsapp on PC)

However, you can download BlueStacks and install the Android variation of Whatsapp on your own computer. You may surely get all the features of the Whatsapp on your own computer if you attempt this. Begin reading the post below.

Step 1: First of all you could must download and install BlueStacks in your computer. After you install BlueStacks hop to the next step.

Step 2: Now open bluestacks (the first time you open bluestacks I am sure you will become surprised), you may see a filmier window like any android device. Hey Download Myntra App for PC Notebook Windows 7/8/8.1

Step 3: Now just click on the Search icon to search for the Whatsapp app you may see a link in the bottom of the page that says “Search for Whatsapp in the play store”

Step 4: Click on that link and you will be redirected to the play shop where from it is possible to download Whatsapp on your PC.

Really first of all Whatsapp you may download Whatsapp and it is going to get installed on BlueStacks consequently it is possible to use it on your own computer. It’s like installing Whatsapp on your PC via or by using the BlueStacks Android Emulator. Have a nice day and love using Whatsapp on your PC.

Download Hipstore for PC Windows 7/8/8.1/10 Laptop

Hi men today I ‘m sharing the download links with this popular app store called Hipstore. From here you can download Hipstore for all of your Android Device and Windows Computer.

Hipstore is a popular and free platform (app marketplace) where from anyone can download free apps and games. It’s gaining more popularity day by day that’s why you won’t find Apple App Store and another official market app store that is particular or this application the Official Google Paly shop, so it’s not that easy to download Hipstore in your Device. Anyway, here in this post, you’ll find all the download links to Hipstore to your PC Notebook.

Tremendous amount of people use regular to this app that’s why occasionally the downloads don’t operate as good as it should, anyhow this app is really quite fantastic. Related: Download Xender for PC Laptop Windows 7/8/8.1.


How to Install and Download Hipstore In Your Computer / Notebook

Now here you may understand ways to download and install Hipstore on your Windows Computers and Notebooks, like Windows XP/7/8/8.1/10 Notebooks and Desktop computer. I fully believe you’ll find the option that you’re searching for so check the complete post, although this is a fairly long post. Only below is the workaround which can help you to install Hipstore in your computer.

By one and you will be able to Download and install Hipstore for the Computer.

Step 1: First of All you should Download BlueStacks, really you are able to use any emulator that is android. An Android emulator is a software which can help you to run any android app or game on your own computer by enabling a virtual android machine into your computer.

Step 2: You can download BlueStacks from the link mentioned below or as an Alternative to BlueStacks you may also use Andy or YouWave. Some posts have been written by me on yesteryear with this BlueStacks trick.

As a reference you can read Download Xender for PC Laptop Windows 7/8/8.1. Anyhow, after you download the BlueStacks app then move to the second step and install it on your own computer.

Step 3: So now download the Hipstore Apk file and click on that to install that file on your computer.
Download Hipstore Apk on your Computer

Step 4: As now as Hipstore is downloaded and installed on your own computer, it is simple to download games and other great programs and some premium on your computer.

Just like how you would download some of the games on any iOS Device or your android. Hope this post helps you, I’d like to assist you to regarding Hipstore Download for Hipstore or PC for PC, Only Drop your question in the comment section below.

Download Facebook Messenger for PC Windows 7/8/10/XP, Mac

Hi pals, from here it is possible to download Linux based computer’s or Facebook messenger for PC, your Windows Computers and even for your own Mac. You may download Facebook messenger for your own windows XP/7/8/#10/10 computer or your Unbuntu computer from here.

So, guys, let’s jump into the main part of the post which is download Facebook messenger for PC Windows 7/8/10/ Mac, XP & Linux.

Facebook messenger is one of the few apps which most of the people use on a reguler basis. We all have Facebook accounts so Facebook messenger (popular by the name of FB messener) isn’t unknown to any of us.

It’s been many years when Facebook first launched it’s messenger for Android and iOS devices. It was essentially for chatting via the Facebook platform a dedicated app. Also Read: Download mCent for PC Laptop Windows 7/8/8.1.

Facebook Messengerr

Download Facebook Messenger for PC

Although Faceook messenger is really popular and it always ranks among the top 10 programs on both of the Google Play and App Store, But, till today there is absolutely no official news about if official authorities are developing a desktop software of Facebook messenger on your desktop/laptop computers. Assess: Download Myntra App for PC Laptop Windows 7/8/8.1

So, long story short, there is absolutely no official Facebook messenger app available for Linux, Mac or Windows PC. Hey, don’t be disturbed i won’t let you merely go away without getting what you are seeking, from this blog(we are always here for you!).

So, the story is – After hunting on the internet for rather a long time I found that one guy has built Facebook messenger for computer’s from his own interest. So here you are able to download that Facebook messenger which is developed by Alexandru Roșianu (it is possible to check his official site here).

Anyway, as I have told you that guys has created Facebook messenger for linux, the windows PC and Mac. All you need to do is click on the download button below(chose which one you desire to download fro underneath).

My Judgment

so those were the download links which will help you to download Facebook message. Trust you find this blog post insightful and useful. Please share in the firms as experience with the Facebook messenger desktop app and how much would you enjoy it. Moreover share this blog post on the media stations that are social. Have a good day bye!

How to Download mCent for PC Windows 7/8/8.1/10/XP

mCent is one of biggest earn free mobile recharge app on the planet. What makes mcent the finest among all of them is – “mcent pays the most”, although you will find lots of other free mobile recharge apps available around. It’s the first of its sort app and now you can also use this app on your own PC or Laptop. Basically, you are able to download mcent for any computer its PC or Laptop.

You can download mcent on your computer but, it’s not the normal download and install matter. You need to use a trick to do that.

It’s possible for you to follow the guide below to learn the best way to download and install mcent app for your computer.


Download mCent app in PC

As I have already told you, it’s not that thing that is conventional to download and install mcent on your computer, but here you’ll learn step by step how to do this. No matter you’ve used a computer or not you are able to follow this guide and I am certain you will successfully install mcent on your computer. For downloading mcent begin reading the step by step guide below. (Simply follow the guide and you want then you can do mcent login from your own pc to.)

Step 1: First of all you must download android emulator software. There are many android emulator software’s accessible online, but I’ll urge one to download either BlueStacks or YouWave. These are the greatest android emulators available for pc. Download links are given below.

Step 2: Next, you’ve got to download the mCent Software; you are able to download it from here (Apk file).

Step 3: After you download the Apk file Just Click Twice on that file and it will be installed on your own computer. It’s as simple as that.

So after doing these all you’ve mcent installed on your computer. Now it is possible to earn free mobile recharge using mcent. In the event you are new to mcent and do n’t know much information about that app it is possible to read the guide below on how you can use mcent. It’s also possible to check the FAQ section that is official on mCent’s Official Website.

The way to Use mCent

Using mcent is rather easy. First of all please download mcent on your PC using the procedure described above. After you installed mcent on your own computer open it. On the screen you see alternative for log in or create your account. If you have a mcent account log in using that or you are able to create an account there.

Hope you get a concept about the best way to use mcent on PC.

How to Download YouWave For PC & Mac Free

Here it is possible to free download YouWave for your own PC Windows 7/8/8.1/10/XP computer including Laptop Computers. Everybody loves running apps and Android games on their PC using YouWave. I’d say that YouWave is one of the best Android emulators to run android programs on PC after trying many Android emulators.

Here we have shared everything – beginning from the YouWave download, YouWave setup guide, YouWave attributes, everything about YouWave. I urge for getting future support regarding YouWave you to bookmark our site. We’ve shared the YouWave download links just below this paragraph for saving your time,.

However, we insist you to read the complete article. You can read the YouWave system requirements and some other vital info about YouWave. YouWave download links can be found below.


YouWave For PC

Most of the folks are using Windows OS computers a lot and an Android smartphone these days,. Android has become the go-to smartphone OS and windows has become the go to computer OS (OS means Operating System) with many users. Though numerous programs and games are available for Windows OS, but there are still a good number of games and programs which are exclusive to Android rather than accessible for Windows PCs.

Why YouWave come into existence that’s. YouWave is an android emulator applications which makes it easy and fast for users to appreciate exactly the same experience of playing Android games and using Android apps on their computer.

YouWave is a great bit of applications that may run Highquality Android Games on your own PC. Numerous people around the entire world are already using YouWave App Player on their PC laptops.

You can directly download YouWave from the download links mentioned below. Pick which version you desire and download that just. Also you may like to Download YouWave for Ubuntu Linux and Download YouWave for Mac.

All the files are hosted on official YouWave CDN, so when you download YouWave from here you will receive maximum speed. These are YouWave installer files that are offline, so if you are on a slow net these will be helpful for you.

The YouWave Offline Installer file is like the YouWave on-line installer or thin installer and 268MB is 14MB in size. The most recent version has been supplied by me here, which is YouWave 2. By sharing this post hope you are going to value my work.

Attributes of YouWave for Windows 7/8/8.1/10/XP PC Laptops

I have tried many android emulators till date and after all that I will proudly say that YouWave is the best android emulator in the world. I would love to point some of the best attributes down that YouWave had. So that you install and can easily download it without any reluctance. Assess some of the best attributes of YouWave on by one from below.

YouWave lets you control and play with Android games Android emulators using keyboard and your computer’s mouse, though if you might have touch computer, then you may also use that for commanding and using games and Android programs.

YouWave is a software that is freeware, so although there’s a premium version available too, whare you’re able to pay for getting some additional attributes at the same time, it’s free to use.

With YouWave, you are able to run Apple Macs nicely as any android programs and games on your own Windows PCas.

YouWave comes preloaded with games and popular Android programs like WhatsApp and Clash. (Download it and begin playing ASAP!)

YouWave Installation Requirements (Windows 7, 8, 8.1)

Here you will discover all the needed details for installing YouWave on your own PC Windows 7/8/8.1 Computer. That is in-depth list of YouWave System/Installation Requirements.

I know you’re here to download YouWave, it is possible to locate the download link for YouWave offline installer here. But prior to starting downloading YouWave for the windows xp/7(32/64bit), 8/8.1 or Windows 10 computer, I would recommend you to take a look at some of the necessities that your computer should have to run YouWave without any problem.

YouWave System Requirements

  • Administrator Prerogative.
  • 2GB of RAM.
  • No BitDefender.
  • Latest Graphic Card Drivers.
  • Good Internet Speed.

Installing YouWave on Windows 7/8/8.1/10 or XP Computer

Installing YouWave is very straightforward, all you need to do is download the YouWave app player (.exe file) and click twice for beginning the setup process.

After that you will see instructions in your computer screen, only follow YouWave and those will be installed on your computer. Although if you need any more help then feel free to contact us with your problem with YouWave.

How to Fix Common YouWave Malfunctions

Some of the most common issues with YouWave is the “YouWave Image Card Error 25000”, I’ve personally confronted this while I tried to install bluestack son two of my computers (Yeah, I possess heaps of computers; Well Not Really!).

That’s about just how to Mend YouWave Graphic card error 25000 why I ‘ve composed a 1000 word long guide, and you can check that below.

Additionally, There are some other common dilemmas which I personally call these – “, and you can face while using YouWave YouWave blunders and challenges which most of the people will confront.” Like most of my friends tell me that “YouWave is Slow,” I can’t concur or deny their words.

Because Truthfully speaking YouWave is just not an easy tool, it’s rather complex and useful software for running easily which needs an excellent system. You can’t anticipate a Ferrari to run on kerosene oil, can you? So My Recommendation for all of you gamers around is update your computers if you own a slow, worthless old computer, You may thank me later.

My Conclusion

I believe every one of us is fond of using Android programs. Now we all know that using an Android app is a fairly enjoyable experience to have that’s why we love using YouWave.

YouWave PC

I the first days YouWave was entirely free, but at the time of writing this post, I just discovered that they’ve started to charge $2/month unless you download any app from their sponsors for using YouWave.

Possibly it’s because of the motive that “They have to make some cash as building something, although anyhow, it’s their company strategy, I can’t explain you here why they do it takes a lot fo time and Attempt.”

Anyhow let’s come into the main purpose here, there are many guides out there which show you the way you can download popular Android programs which are used by countless people regular if not billions.

As an example you are able to quickly run Apps like WhatsApp Instagram on PC, on PC, etc. on PC, SnapChat Pretty much everything and anything (any Android app can be run on any Computer) with YouWave.

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Download GT Racing 2 For Windows 7/8/8.1 Free

Now play GT-Racing 2 game on your own Windows PC. Download GT Racing for the PC/Laptop Windows 7/8.1/XP/10. Read the complete post for learning how this game that is android can run in your computer.

I know you love playing games. So, What are your favorite games? Would you like playing you or outdoor games are most acquainted with indoor games? Well, there’s nobody in this world, who is not going to like playing games. Games are part of life, and folks love to enjoy that though indoor or outside.

Have you set any favourite lists of games you like to play the most? If you will add one more finest game in your list as I ‘m confident you will undoubtedly enjoy this game in your PC. GT is the real car racing game to give practical expertise to you.

Additionally, you will be impressed by its layout and color that will bring one to play more and more.

You will find many cars fans and not only boys, but girls also like to play with this heart affecting experience the actual game which belongs to a real life automotive journey. This game has featured very esteemed and appealing cars gathered from the whole world.

GT Racing 2

Downloading GT-Racing 2 for Windows Computer & your PC

So, to play with this game, you are going to need to have BlueStacks. BlueStacks is Android emulator which could enable you to run Android games on your Windows computer.

Any programs/ games are easily downloaded hence Racing 2 may also be downloaded. For that first you have to download bluestacks for your PC.

You have to to install the Emulator on to your Laptop/PC, after downloading it. From there you can hunt for GT Racing 2, the result will be exhibited on the display.

Then click on GT Racing 2 game to install and once the game is downloaded and installed on your Windows 7/8/8.1 PC you are prepared to run the game from MEmu menu and love playing it. I hope you like this place opinion below if you need any help.

Direction: Yes it is a finest handheld racing simulation game and termed as a wealthiest of most games. This game has many high quality amounts of 67 accredited autos that’ll move on 13 tracks, including Laguna Seca.

They have included many wonderful selections of autos from over 30 manufacturing companies including: – Benz, Ferrari, Dodge, Nissan, Audi, Ford, BMW and considerably more best of all cars are represented in this game.

It’ll help also refresh your brain and enhance you driving. Challenges will come along the way in your game, and you’ll learn how to fight with them, and this will increase your willpower and make your brain sharp.

Total of 1400 events has been included in this game like Classic races, One on Overtakes, Knockouts and Ones are present in this game to help you test your driving ability.

Each week there will be 28 challenges for you to finish and improve your driving abilities and maybe this potential could gain you a brand new car! Have seen?

In this racing game, you’ll be able to place from among four different cameras including a breathtaking inside view. There are no repair times or repair prices in this game as we will not wait for you in an occasion again. You will find options to finish this game with your pals or from all around the world.

Download and Install Zombie Tsunami on PC Windows 7/8/8.1

Read this post and learn tips on how to download and install zombie tsunami on your Windows 7/8/8.1 PC Laptops. Read the complete post and learn the way you can love playing this game that is amazing on your PC.

Zombie Tsunami is one of the most well-known Android games which has got countless fanatic all all over the world. Till date, you guys were using Zombie Tsunami game in your Android phone or tablet but now that thing will change.

Do you enjoy the adventure games? Would you like to play with some exciting, dangerous and horror game? If yes then I presume you already understand about Zombie Tsunami, which can be very popular in the games market. Many people have been downloaded it to enjoy the wonderful experience of playing with this awesome experience.

Perhaps you are playing this game on their Android device but, now you can also play this game on PC using BlueStacks or YouWave (or MEmu, there are many choices available!). But for the benefit of this tutorial I’m going to show you tips on how to download an install Zombie Tsunami in your PC.

This game is going to give you incredible images and sound effects which will excite you to play in more interest and a grand way.

Zombie Tsunami

What is Zombie Tsunami Game?

Have you ever experienced being a zombie? Yes, here you will find all the people left in the world which fully transform into zombies.

As there are many supports with you you will not find yourself alone and zombies also will be with you. Believe what would have occurred if the zombies would have ruled our real world?

Watch the video which I’ve embedded below to see the proof of someone playing with this excellent game on his PC.

Just how to Play Zombie Tsunami Game

To play with this game. First of all, you need to see whether the initial zombie remains alive within town, and then just the game can go forward.

You should help keep them safe from automobiles, buildings and many other obstacles that come on your way to save zombies. If you further triumph in helping zombie survive from all the challenges along the way, then just you’ll be able to continue to next level. Still, on playing till zombie lives for next degree you have to go always.

The fascinating thing is when an advance zombie will bite at anyone, and he’ll transform into the zombie. No individual will be left from view that is zombies, and any person got injured from zombies bite will turn into a zombie. In this manner, your target will get easier and simpler to continue.

Now let ’s have a look at some amazing attributes this game holds with it to give gorgeous encounter to you before you begin playing the game.

  • On injuring man as long as you can to win in this game, you may go.
  • You make your family too to eat the meat and can eat the flesh.
  • You will find many degrees to cross like above 300 missions to eat people.
  • Attentively to make all electricity ups and play nicely yours and you may be capable of command all zombies.
  • There’s a zombie store to add your entire zombies from zombie’s shop.
  • There are three vehicles to be used like tanks, buses and automobiles you can choose for.
  • There are many amazing global places found in the game to play.

Make a comment below and let us know your idea with this topic.

Download LiveProfile For PC

LiveProfile is an instant messaging app which could be seen in practically every Smartphone, as there isn’t any limit on how many text messages, audio messages or media files that you can send using LiveProfile.

One can send messages around the world without getting billed for it. Now you’ll be able to use LiveProfile on your own PC and encounter the typing of your message like never before.

On 21st January 2015 LiveProfile officially declared the availability of web version of LiveProfile “LiveProfile Web”, which was made accessible only for Android and windows phone users.


About LiveProfile

Android or windows phone users who wish of using LiveProfile for PC should visit A QR code will be noticed by them on the display, and they have to scan the code within their device. Upgrade your LiveProfile to its latest version followed scanning the QR code from the LiveProfile Web Display and by opening the app.

But the client is available solely for android devices along with several bugs although LiveProfile can now be used for PC. Also, one cannot forget the fact the user device should be connected to the net in order to the function of “LiveProfile web”.

So instead of using LiveProfile web, having so many bugs you are able to simply download BlueStacks, which is the most popularly used Android emulator for windows or Macs.

You’ll rarely find any app which can be incompatible with BlueStacks.

Download LiveProfile for PC – How to Step by Step Guide

Installing and downloading procedure of an emulator that is android, BlueStacks is easy. While installing, you will be asked whether you desire App store access and app telling, empower these and continue the installation process.

What to do now?

Let’s have a quick guide what you have to do to have LiveProfile on your PC.

  • Firstly, install it in your device and you need to download BlueStacks.
  • Now you have to install LiveProfile with this android emulator.
  • Merely click on the search toolbar followed by typing the LiveProfile.
  • Now click on continue followed by entering your Google account details as a way to link your account.
  • Now you will be guided to play shop, locate LiveProfile application there and install it.
  • You might have finally installed LiveProfile on your own PC with assistance from BlueStacks, android emulator.
  • Open the application as you need to input your information such as your phone number so that you can enable attributes and the LiveProfile services on the PC.

Once you enter your phone number, you will end up requested to affirm it. Follow the process and confirm it and press ok. And if you’ve followed all the steps mentioned above carefully then you’ll be able to use LiveProfile on your PC, Love using it.

Be conscious of the fact that you’re using LiveProfile with the same mobile number on two devices that’s your PC and your handset. And if this really is what you might be doing then you update the status only from one device at a time and can use LiveProfile PC.